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Weatherman Hopes the Long, Dry Days Will Help Get Him Out of His Frustration

Weatherman Hopes the Long, Dry Days Will Help Get Him Out of His Frustration

Warmer weather on tap for Southern California after weekend of storms

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Friday was a wet and cool start to the work week, but some people on the sunny side are still preparing for the weekend before the start of warm up in midweek.

The weatherman’s best laid plans might not exactly come to fruition when those skies open up on Saturday, but for many those on the sunny side, it means a better shot at enjoying another sunny Spring day.

The warmest temperatures were in the San Gabriel Mountains with a high-of 84 and high near 88 in the foothills, while the low-tides were in the low-40’s.

One of the biggest storms, the Nor’easter that rolled through Southern California was downgraded to a winter storm overnight Friday, but the heavy rain it brought with it means it remains a threat to the region in the days ahead.

The weather man has been in a funk before of late, but he’s hoping the long, dry days of the past week or so can help him get him out of his funk.

“For the past six, seven, days, we’ve had the odd dry day, but we’re just not getting above 70 degrees with this heat and humidity,” he said.

While he doesn’t expect the Nor’easter to turn into a real storm all that much longer, he does expect some rain mixed in with some snow on Saturday.

“We’re not talking four-plus inches of snow, but if it does become that, we’ll just have a storm that’s more like 1-2 inches,” he said. “But if it gets to 3-4 inches, then we’d be in trouble.”

“We think it’s going to be below freezing

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