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The Democrats Are Not Complacent

The Democrats Are Not Complacent

Granderson: Democratic victories in Michigan show the way to 2024

This has been a hard election for Democrats. Their standard-bearer lost, but their candidate still won.

If you listened to my interview with Bill Daley of the University of Michigan, you can hear this is not going to be another election like in 2016. Democrats should not be complacent.

Bill Daley: Republicans are going to win this election.

Republican Mark Schauer: They will, if there’s a recount.

Bill Daley: We won. We will win.

Mark Schauer: No.

Bill Daley: No. And when I say we won, Mark Schauer, I mean, this was never a contest. The Democrat will, I believe, win, come November.

Mark Schauer: If they have a recount.

Bill Daley: Yes, if they have a recount. I think, right now, they want the votes to be counted and then decide.

Mark Schauer: We have the votes.

Bill Daley: We’ve got the votes. And the votes were never in doubt. I think we should look at that.

Mark Schauer: I don’t think this election was ever close.

Bill Daley: I never used the word close. This was a clear race for the two seats.

Mark Schauer: There were a lot of people who were confused. I don’t think anybody was surprised.

Bill Daley: But the people who wanted to vote for me last week said, they were never surprised, were they? I mean, this is why I lost. There was no surprise in the election.

Mark Schauer: But it was close.

Bill Daley: They were close. They were close. We talked to them. We talked to people all over the state. We talked to people in East Lansing. We talked to the press.

Mark Schauer: There were some people who thought it was a close race.

Bill Daley: People thought we had a close race.

Mark Schauer: But the election

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