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Taylor Swift Answers Fans’ Questions About The Rumored Engagement

Taylor Swift Answers Fans’ Questions About The Rumored Engagement

Why Taylor Swift fans believe she goes after John Mayer, addresses engagement rumors and more in ‘Midnights’ video

The last time Taylor Swift made a video, it was back in March, shortly after the release of Swift’s second album, Speak Now, in December of last year.

For as long as Swift has been a public figure, people have been asking her about the rumored engagement and how she’s dealing with the situation. When she’s made videos of the two of them on vacation, or hanging out backstage, people have seen them and gotten their opinions. On this day, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer decided to try something new, and finally answer the questions fans have been asking for a long time. In a new music video, Swift addresses fans questions about the rumored engagement, and how she’s dealing with it.

The video opens with Swift’s new single, “Midnights,” which features a snippet from one of Swift’s earlier albums, Speak Now.

“The song started out as an idea inspired by a story my mom told me,” Swift said. “It was a time when she was struggling to save money, and we’d been living in a small house, working hard our whole lives, and I’d grown up in a big house, with lots of toys. I was so angry with my mom for making the decision to start taking on more responsibility than she had to, for not allowing things to be easy for her.”

Though the song is an emotional song, something Swift admits in her lyrics, she has to acknowledge that she’s not actually happy. But she’s not going to let that discourage her from pursuing her dreams. She wants to be happy and happy she is.

“So I told myself I’m going to change my life. I’m going to keep working hard,” he wrote in a blog post. “And I started to see a difference. In my business, in my relationships and in my health, I felt more content. But it wasn’t until I decided to write a song, that I felt like I was truly happy. I had a song that was about the things in my life that I love, but I wasn

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