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Republican Cruetly: The Republican Party in Florida

Republican Cruetly: The Republican Party in Florida

Jackie Calmes: Ron DeSantis proves that cruetly is a Republican trait

The South Florida Herald-Tribune recently published a lengthy write up of the GOP primary for congress for Palm Beach. The article takes its title, “It’s a mess, and Ron DeSantis is going up against the party’s elite,” which begs the question: why?

The answer is because in Florida we have a type of Republican that we call “cruetly” — or as Florida Democrats like to call it, “cronuts.” I like “cruetly” because it means both “cruel” and “crap” — and the word “cruetly” rhymes with “crap.” To me, Republican cruetly does not seem particularly bad.

But to the Democrats in Palm Beach and anywhere else else, it does. The article is a great example of the type of biased reporting we have to expect when people such as me write about politics — and it’s worth quoting at length, because let’s face it, there is no way I can know what is going on in the mind of an entire group of voters without reading and hearing their stories and asking them about how they feel.

So let’s give readers a quick rundown of what’s going on.

First, a little background. DeSantis didn’t get a lot of financial help from donors to run his campaign, because he’s not a wealthy guy and instead got some help from the Republican National Lawyers Association.

DeSantis did not need to get help raising money because he’s not wealthy, either. His family has a net worth of only about $5 Million. He received $1 million in small contributions. He raised a total of about $11 million in 2016. By comparison in the same campaign, Donald Trump raised $45 million and Hillary

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