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Kanye West’s Tweet About Killing His Baby

Kanye West’s Tweet About Killing His Baby

Kanye West Faces Costly Fallout After Pregnant Wife Kim Kardashian West Accuses His Gangstar Kourtney of Killing Her Son

He may have only been in his 20s, but if it wasn’t for his new-found fame and his role in ‘Ye vs. Kanye’ — a recent documentary about the feud that went public before the music producer was even a thing — Kanye West might have been a regular guy. He’s a man who is at least partially inspired by his mother and whose father has passed away. He’s in a band. He’s in the music industry.

All of these things. And yet here he was, a month ago, with a freshly announced pregnancy and a new baby on the way. A week later, after the birth of that precious bundle of cuteness, he tweeted about his wife Kim Kardashian West having “killed” his newborn son.

Kanye West is known to be a man of few words, but he gave his own take on the controversy on Twitter, calling Kim a “vicious, twisted and lying c**t.” But in his tweet, West told TMZ, “You guys don’t have to worry about me. The truth will be revealed.” However, the public hasn’t been told what happened.

Just two days after that shocking Tweet, Kim K. West had a change of heart when she took to Instagram to defend herself — not only to her fans and the world at large, but also to herself. “I can’t believe my baby was killed,” she wrote. “And here I am trying to get attention in my personal life and now I am getting attacked, so of course what makes me feel better is that people didn’t know the truth.”

Kanye West’s actions seem to demonstrate how the public’s true feelings toward this new behemoth in hip-hop — born Kim Kardashian West — are still unknown. Not to mention how the Kardashian’s are still fighting to control the media circus with a new album and the world’s attention, leaving their unborn child as the star of a new album for all to see and touch.

Kim Kardashian West is fighting back against her husband as she and her family try to move forward and continue to build their lives in the public eye. Even with her pregnancy and the ongoing feud between her ex-husband Kanye West and his now ex

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