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Jordan Wood and his fiancee are moving to Ocean City

Jordan Wood and his fiancee are moving to Ocean City

In one of his last Instagram posts, Leslie Jordan revealed he’d purchased his first condo since 2011 at a beachfront gated community in Ocean City, Delaware. The announcement came on Instagram in response to a fan’s tweet that read, “Just bought my first condo in Ocean City since 2011. Excited to move!”

Jordan responded (in part) by posting a photo of his new home and his fiancee, whom he’d proposed to on their first date last December, smiling in front of what was described as an “art nouveau” white marble swimming pool.

Jordan shared his excitement with the Ocean City, Del. community in a short post, writing:

“It’s my last week in Ocean City and I can’t wait for you all to see how beautiful this home is!”

In the post, Jordan also shared a photo of some of the amenities the community offers, a photo of his daughter, and wrote:

“This is my forever home. It’s not a rental unit. This is my forever home.”

The two also announced plans to marry and were going to “take a honeymoon” next week.

Jordan, a 32-year-old NBA veteran and former University of Texas star, announced his first wife in November of last year, a month after announcing his engagement to fiancee Jordan Wood in December.

The couple’s relationship has been anything but conventional. According to USA Today, Jordan and Wood broke up in 2015 after only one year of being together. “The relationship never progressed beyond friendship,” Wood’s lawyer, David Droga, told them in a divorce filing in early 2016. At the time, Wood was pregnant with their first child together, a baby boy.

It’s not clear what the future holds for Jordan and Wood. He has no children and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to marry again.

Jordan has no shortage of fans. The basketball icon reportedly earns

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