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Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt: Is this a bad thing?

Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt: Is this a bad thing?

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Dodgers, care to comment on that racist ad played during the playoffs? The ad, which is now being criticized by the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was criticized by the Los Angeles Dodgers and was removed from the website of the Dodgers. It is a video that was posted on YouTube by an American of Indian descent. The video has racist comments and language and was directed at the Dodgers team. The Dodgers owners were aware of the video before it was posted on YouTube, and the owners removed the video before a major league owner could remove the video. The Dodgers had to change the video after the video was posted. The Dodgers owners are aware of the comments in the video. The Dodgers owners are working to get the video removed and the video played again on the Internet.

I am writing to ask that you send a copy of this letter to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. I hope that he will respond to this letter and ensure that it is removed from the Internet. The Dodgers have the absolute right to make these comments about themselves and the fans that support them. The only thing I would ask him to do is to remove the comments before his players or the media. Let’s not go with the ad in the beginning of the season or the team will bring their fans down.

To the editor: I am writing with a few thoughts, based on my years of experience in the entertainment industry. Many of the letters I have read from fans are very well written. They convey a lot of passion, but tend to be at the very outer edges of what is acceptable. The two main reasons are the first being that many times fans are so angry and passionate that they have no ability to form a coherent thought, and the second being that they are writing from the perspective of the person or persons they are addressing. In the case of the letter below, the writer has written from the perspective of the person that works at a restaurant. He wrote in a very eloquent manner. However, in his tone he did not portray that he was writing from a fan’s perspective. He was just angry, upset and frustrated. I suggest that the writer go back and take three years of college or any other training. Study the media and try to understand what makes a person think and write so passionately.

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