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The San Jose Police Department Found a car in the backyard of a popular Bay Area mansion

The San Jose Police Department Found a car in the backyard of a popular Bay Area mansion

More questions emerge after car is discovered buried in backyard of Bay Area mansion

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It was a quiet weekend night for the San Jose, Pleasanton, Fremont and Silicon Valley community. In the hours after a car was discovered buried in the backyard of a popular Bay Area mansion, residents found out how much more they need to be concerned about cars in the neighborhood.

The San Jose Police Department found the black Acura near the home at 2454 Pacific Coast Highway on Sunday, Dec. 17.

And while the car was recovered, investigators are uncertain as to how the car got the way into the backyard.

“The fact that this happened makes me feel vulnerable when it comes to having my family in the house that I’m raising my kids in,” said Dan Jones, the homeowner.

“It’s not only me it concerns me, but anyone who looks at me and says ‘I want to be safe. I don’t want people walking in my yard.’”

Jones said he’s been a homeowner in the area for nearly 14 years. He moved out to the neighborhood in late 2001 and said he’s never had a problem with crime or vandalism.

However, this past weekend, residents said they found a car in the yard of one of their homes. Police said it appeared the car was stolen, and could be a vehicle of the person who left the car there.

Jones said he saw the car in his backyard when he came home from work about 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

He said the car was a 2001 Acura Legend and it was parked in his back yard with the engine running.

“I came home and I saw a car in my yard and called the police,” Jones said. “I assumed that it was a routine car from my neighbors.”

He said it would take up to three hours for officers to recover the car, so he called them the next morning.

While this situation is disturbing, the investigation is only just beginning.

“There are a lot of people in this neighborhood who have been in the car

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