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The Election Police

The Election Police

Granderson: The ‘election police’ don’t need to be right to be effective – a short documentary

A short documentary on the ‘election police’ is available from the Institute of Public Policy Research on this website.

It shows how the election police have been used in an attempt to suppress and manipulate the public choice system.

An Election Police has been created by the government. He will not be called an election police because the government understands that in the election police there is no right or wrong. There is merely the fact that there are some people in Government who are determined that the election system will be destroyed and that the Government must have the last word. The election police will be given instructions from the Government to prevent and suppress any criticism of the Government before any election campaign is even started.

Why, you might ask “How can I oppose this?” The first answer might be to understand that the election police will not actually interfere if you do not do anything at all about the election campaign. The election police will not even know if you are against them or for them. All they will know is that you have said something. The election police will only come after more words where all there are is “you know what”. So, the Government has no intention of having a contest which may lead to the election. There are too many people who will have to face the question “Do you really think I’m fit to govern?” at the next general election. The election police have been set up to prevent such a contest. The election police cannot even be blamed for the election result if they do not do what is necessary.

The government is very worried by the electoral consequences of the electoral reform referendum. They know that the European referendum, and particularly the right of referendum, could become a permanent feature of British politics. That is why the election police are made to exist. However, they may also be explained as part of the system which can only be changed by another vote, and which therefore must be destroyed. This would be a further reason for making them into an election police, since the referendum is a feature of British politics, just as its predecessor the unconstitutional House of Lords.

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