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The Church Has to Stand Up

The Church Has to Stand Up

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir online: Christian missionaries show up to offer prayers in front of the coronavirus.

The video features a young woman, identified only as “Annette,” standing in front of a crowd of people, who pray in unison.

She begins the video by saying she was in the midst of a “battle” and “needed to offer the Lord Jesus to fight the battle.” When she says God gave her direction on where to do this, viewers are shown going to an area where people congregate to get out of their homes and into a park or other open space.

Annette then says she was directed to come to a particular area in front of a church, with prayer.

“I saw everyone lined up, and so I just went to join the line and then prayed. I was doing this as a protest, to say that the Lord Jesus is the true King today and so it’s time for us to rise up against the evil that’s going on today and we have to stand up,” she says.

But Annette’s followers are having none of it.

“Who is praying in front of the church?” she asked in the video. “No one is praying in front of the church.”

Annette went on to explain to her followers that she prayed behind the counter at a gas station.

“I am doing this because as a church we need to stand up, and stand strong and show that we are the real church. We’re not people that just sit and pray for the day,” she says.

And the prayer comes with a price tag:

“The church has to take ownership and stand up, because if they take their hands off God’s creation, then we all stand to be taken over,” she said in her video.

Another viewer, identified as “Mary Margaret,” shot a video showing how she was instructed to pray in front of a synagogue in Philadelphia.

“You know, I was there for hours, and I was asked to do that. How can that be? It’s not

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